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Getting into it

Getting into it


 The last few weeks have breezed right past, maybe it’s that I’ve been having so much fun creating art and cultivating this new spring box?  Or maybe its that we are still on lockdown here in Winnipeg and I have nothing else to do but go to work, come home, eat food, sleep and go back to work?   Anyone else feeling like they’re in groundhog day?  In all seriousness, it’s nice that we seem to be on the backside of the code red restrictions and we will soon be getting back to mingling with friends. 

 I’m not going to lie I have enjoyed the quiet of just working on paintings and putting together my first consciously curated SPRING box that will be your welcome to a new day.  Mornings have always been a favourite of mine and therefore its exciting to put something together to share with you.  I love mornings, I shoot out of bed excited to hit my mat and be grateful for another day.  Krystle is on the other spectrum, she likes to lie in bed and enjoy the warmth of the sheets and cuddle with Betty. (sounds nice right?)

 After my morning routine its time to have some breakfast, write some emails before heading off to my studio.  With the loosening of restrictions we’ve opened back up to appointments at the shop, you don’t necessarily need an appointment but they are encouraged so we can properly space people.  It’s been a joy to find you something new that will aid in your life’s happiness and I am very grateful for the appointments being booked (especially the virtual appointments!)

 Before I go I must mention the wolf moon passing the other day.   Wow did it have a blast of energy on the back side of it, did you feel it?  I sure did!  As I started my practice in the early morning (following the full moon) I felt a surge of energy instantly upon starting my meditation.  It was as though I was plugged into something vibrant as the energy flowed up my spinal cord.  I hope you sucked up some of that swirling energy, perhaps you felt something else?  I would love to hear any experiences you had as I always find the energy before, during or after a full moon to be interesting. 


Well that's all for now,



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