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Our Team

Every single member of the Lennard Taylor Design Studio team is as important as the next. Our team works together in sync in order to create and maintain the vision of Lennard Taylor. Who is the team you may ask? Read more about us below!

Meet Lennard

Lennard is the visionary behind Lennard Taylor Design Studio. His mission to help people smile and feel good has been the foundation for the rest of the team. He’s worked to surround himself with people who really see his vision and work towards common goals. Today, Lennard continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible while getting international recognition for his outstanding design, exquisite paintings, and inspirational words.

Meet Krystle

Krystle is Lennards wife and what we like to call our “resident director of fun”. She takes charge of our email marketing, perfecting inventory and anything that needs to get done. She is always grabbing the team coffee and make sure everyone is fed. When she isn’t helping our clients, she’s creating the perfect work environment for our team or posing to help us get the perfect product shots.


Meet Laural

Laural is Lennards amazing sister and helped get this company started from the very beginning. She helps out with special events and often shoots our product shots for the website.

Meet Dorothy

Dorothy is Lennard and Laural's mom. She is one of the sweetest women you'll ever meet and her work is splashed everywhere in the studio. Dorothy is often expertly knitting beaitiful pieces to accompany our collections that last longer than a season. In the shop, you might be lucky enough to get one of her famous caramels.

Meet Shirley

Shirley is our Head Seamstress. The things she can do with fabric are beyond words. She can turn a pile of fabric scraps into an expertly tailored garment that wraps perfectly around any curve you have. If something has a rip, you know that Shirley can fix it! Her years of experience, and aligned vision with Lennard make her one of our most valuable assets of the team.

Meet Betty

Betty is one of our most important team members. We promise, her bark is far bigger than her bite! Our sentinel dog always makes sure we know that you have arrived. Unfortunately she is an unsocialized Covid puppy - so if you just ignore her when you come into the studio, she will eventually go nap under a sewing machine when she things she has sufficiently proven she is the boss.