Born and raised in centre of Canada, Lennard Taylor was born to create.  His design career began at an early age when his parents challenged his mind in different ways which emboldened his creativity.  Their diverse approach to parenting broadened his horizons which allowed him to excel at many different areas of life.  Lennard coasted through school and found himself wanting to chase his dreams as a soccer player.  He worked two jobs and saved enough money to spend 6 months in Europe in an attempt to play professional soccer.  When those dreams were dashed by an injury to his knee he found himself walking around Europe looking for love, Lennard found that love in clothing and design.  

Lennard wanted to go to school but didn’t have a penny to his name so he did it the old fashioned way, apprenticed and worked his A$$ off.  He honed his skills as a designer by apprenticing with pattern makers, head seamstresses, floor managers before getting guidance and mentorship from industry professionals including Bob Silver and Michael Silver of Silver Jeans. 

In 2013, Lennard participated in the Mercedes Benz Start-Up contest where he was noticed by Robin Kay (President of the Fashion Design Council of Canada) and Marissa Freed (President of Freed & Freed International).  Marissa took an interest in Lennard and offered him a position with her international company, Freed and Freed. Lennard soon found himself in China and Canada overseeing productions, maintaining the quality practices of the nearly 100-year old label.  While working with Freed he oversaw many productions of Military, prominent Canadian outwear brands and the production of the Canadian Athletes Olympic duffle coats for the Sochi Olympics.   In his time working with Freed Lennard worked very closely with Ryszard Sliwa a man who taught him a great deal about how the garment industry works.  This relationship blossomed and Lennard gained confidence in his ability so much that he decided to chase his dreams of being an independent label.

Lennard resigned from Freed and quickly found his namesake label blossoming with new international opportunities.  In May of 2015, Lennard opened his flagship boutique at 246 McDermot Avenue in Winnipeg where he continues to get international recognition for his outstanding design, exquisite paintings and inspirational words.  The company continues to thrive with aid of his wonderful wife, extremely talented sister and many other industry professionals who work collectively to make everyone smile and feel good each day.