About Lennard Taylor

The dream was to be a soccer (football) star. When this dream was crushed he had to reinvent himself and re-imagine his whole life. Walking around the streets of Europe, he was surrounded by art and fashion like he had never seen before. It was then that he realized that clothing didn’t have to be something that you just wore, it could be an artful expression of who you are and tell a story of how you live. 

Lennard wanted to go to school but didn’t have a penny to his name so he did it the old fashioned way - he apprenticed and listened to all the advice that anyone could give him. 

From street markets to pop-up stores, the Lennard Taylor brand began to grow. After years of momentum this hard work birthed his flagship boutique where the designer continued to grow his label.  The brand's popularity grew further and further as he travelled across North America showing his one of a kind designs and artwork.  Lennard continues to push the boundaries of whats possible while getting international recognition for his outstanding design, exquisite paintings and inspirational words. Lennard Taylor is truly a modern day renaissance man who works hard to live up to his life's purpose - to make others smile and feel good.