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We make people smile and feel good about themselves, whether it be with one of our timeless fashion pieces, Lennard Taylor’s words of positivity, or with his stunning visual art paintings.  This modern day renascence man is truly a bright light in this world who will make you smile and feel good.


Lennard has been designing and painting for many years and his natural form of expression doesn’t stop there.  Meeting with him will instantly make you feel good with his infectious attitude and welcoming nature.  Lennard has a way of understanding your wants and needs and can easily hand select garments for you that will make you shine.  His honesty and dedication to making you feel good in his work will allow you to feel comfortable and sophisticated while being timeless. Book your appointment here

If you’re looking for a painting for your home or office Lennard will work through the process with you to ensure wherever the piece will live it will enhance the room with positivity. To learn more about available artwork, click here


Simple, to make people smile and feel good.  So much of the world is dark, we choose to be a bright light to make you feel good about yourself.  Clothing is art you live your life in.  Art is something you enhance your home or office and in both cases it should make you feel better about who you are.  We all have a gift in life, Lennard’s is to make you feel good.

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