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Original Artwork

Lennard's Artistic Goals

My goal in life is to make people smile and feel good, whether that’s with my art, clothing or words, I just want to make people smile and feel good. That’s why I am on this earth and that’s what I’m going to do till the day I die.

Painting for me is a release, it allows me to decompress and expand outward. I love taking objects that are meant for the landfill and make them into something beautiful. As an artist I feel it is my duty to show the beauty in mundane objects, for I see the beauty in them. Art is a way to share a point of view, it’s my way of showing love to others. I want to be known as an artist who makes whimsical artworks which make people smile. I make art that makes people think, explore, feel whimsical and silly because when we let loose we generally smile and that’s the whole point. When we smile we feel better.

I love taking objects that are meant for the landfill and make them into something beautiful.

Latest Series

My latest series of paintings revolves around clothing that is meant for the landfill and refiguring it into something new. I want to make art which allows the viewer to take a whimsical journey to the unknown. I want viewers to be able to explore my work and see something new each time they visit. I want to make people to come away looking at the world in a different, positive light. If I can achieve this then I’ve achieved my goal.

Art in the blood

My mother, an interior designer and painter/textile artist.

My father, an architect and abstract landscape artist.

My aunt, a figure and still life painter.

My sister, a graphic designer and artist.

My other sister, a painter.

I guess you can say I was always meant to paint and be creative.

Other works

My artwork is the launching point to all my creative endeavours. Most of my clothing design starts with a painting that transforms into the finished product. My artistic inspiration comes from a want to change the world to a better place by coming together and standing as one.