How to Style Your Summer Favorites for Fall

Just because fall is here doesn't mean you have to say good-bye to your summer garb for another year. This blog will show you how to integrate your summer favourites into your fall & winter war...
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Garden party anyone?

One of these days we’d love to host a garden party at our place, maybe covid will soon go away so we can do that!  Would you come?
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Some helpful tips

My team and I came up with a list of helpful things for me to talk about for this week's blog post.   First up is the best clothing cleaning practices for longevity. To be honest the best thing to ...
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Water Regenerates Cherry Trees

Water is life and we have been having a shortage of it here on the prairies, thankfully it rained recently but we need a few more down pours before it becomes more stable. Water is something we all...
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Morning writing review

Hello all you beautiful people Today I want to talk about something I wrote the other morning after my morning practice.  You see after I do my morning routine I like to grab my pen and paper to wr...
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Share compassion.

Helloooooo all you beautiful humans, Today I want to talk about compassion.  Some of you may or may not have heard about this weekends so called “controversy.”  In short, I was asked for a comment ...
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