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The Ultimate Skin-Care Routine for Ageless Skin

Like so many women, I have always been in search of the ultimate skin-care products. I have tried so many different ones. From the full Argonne regime to overpriced creams from Sephora that promise they will reverse aging.
It wasn't until I started looking for more naturally derived and Canadian-made products that I found Boreal Folk. Lennard met the owners and makers while he was on his tour circuit and brought some home. I can honestly say that I have tried other products since using Boreal Folk - but I have always gone back.


About Boreal Folk:
Owners Raphaëlle Gagnon & Mark Coelho outfitted a 1967 bus and turned it into a travelling Apothecary from which they make their products. They gather ingredients from the Canadian Wilderness in a sustainable way and use biodegradable packaging and recycled glass. And you will never meet nicer people.
Rosehip Toner:
After I wash my face in the morning or evening, (I use these amazing Erase My Face cloths and have completely deleted any facial soap!) I spray the intoxicating Rosehip Toner onto my face.
The smell is absolutely amazing and rosehips are known for their skin-tightening abilities as well as balancing the PH levels of the skin. It’s always really nice as a spritz whenever you just need a little refresher or pick-me-up!
Fireweed Serum:
Another things I have completely given up is face cream. Serum goes so much further and keeps the skin hydrated all day long. I apply about 3 drops to my face (forehead and cheeks). Its oils include Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil, Geranium Oil and Fireweed. The properties of these oils are anti-inflammatory, improving skins elasticity, regulating skins moisture levels as well as full of vitamin E, zinc and omega 3. My skin never feels dry, yet also doesn’t get oily.
Wild Mint Lip Butter:
This has to be the most delicious and long-lasting lip balm I have ever tried. I actually think the fine lines around my lips have lessened since I started including this as part of my daily routine. It has more of that amazing Rosehip oil for toning and tightening the skin. With wild mint and nettles, this lip balm is the ultimate moisturizing balm.


Mountain Bath Soak:
Okay…I know, I know - this isn’t technically part of my daily skin-care routine. I could NOT write this blog without mentioning the most amazing bath soak in the world. Hands down. Picture yourself in a hot spring in the middle of the woods, surrounded by the smells of balsam fir & wild sage. It’s made with ancient Canadian minerals that tighten skin pores and promotes circulation. You've never smelled anything as delicious and tranquil.
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