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85% of our old clothes end up in a landfill

Every year, more than 80 billion articles of clothing are produced and sold around the world. That means that every year, billions of used articles of clothing are thrown away to make room for the new ones.

We extend the life of our clothing

Our newest venture, The Refresh Program, was designed to help bring life back to your old Lennard Taylor pieces in a push to decrease our impact on the environment. We’re asking you, our customers, to send us your used, no longer worn, Lennard Taylor pieces so that we can find them a new home or keep them fresh in your own closet. Pieces that are no longer wanted and are still in good-as-new condition will be resold on our site at a lower price point. Pieces that we receive with holes, tears, or stains will be evaluated by our team, mended, transformed into a completely new piece or made into artwork for your walls and you'll receive a $25 store credit towards something new. Or if you'd like us to give your piece a new life, we can do that too! 

How it works

Start digging up your worn and pre-loved Lennard Taylor pieces that you don’t wear anymore, make a decision if you want to keep them and give them some new love or trade them in for credit towards something brand new.

Return for Credit

You would like to trade your garment in for store credit.

1. Package and ship your worn Lennard Taylor pieces with the printed and completed Refresh form to us at: 246 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3B 0S5.

2. Once received, our team will start the review process. Pieces sent that are still in good-as-new condition will be cleaned and re-sold as is. All other pieces will be mended or picked apart and refreshed into something new.

3. You've just earned yourself some Lennard Taylor credits for participating which you can apply to your next Lennard Taylor or Refresh purchase. Each piece is worth a $25 credit. Just enter the code you receive via email at checkout.

Download the form
a before and after photo of a repaired garment

Give my piece new life

You would like to keep your garment and have it “refreshed” and sent back to you.

1. Package and ship your worn Lennard Taylor pieces with the printed and completed Refresh form to us at: 290 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3B 0T2.

2. Once received, we will send you a list of options to refresh your garment.
Simply review and select the best option for your piece and let us know.

3. We'll get started on the process and send you an invoice for the work.

Our goal is to make alterations which will enhance your garment and make you smile and feel good.

Download the form

We see clothing as living garments. they tell a story of who you are and where you’ve been. Let us help you save these garments (and memories) for continued use.