There is nothing quite like a personalized shopping experience with the designer himself.  Lennard Taylor's kind and caring demeanor will certainly allow you to relax, knowing that this professional has your best interests at heart.  Whether you’re coming to his studio in Winnipeg or joining him virtually* via FaceTime or WHATSAPP, he is excited about hearing your wants and needs from clothing because his goal in life is simple, to make you smile and feel good.  
Booking an appointment is as simple as filling out the form below and does not bind you into anything other than a good time. Lennard will help you feel good about what you’re wearing and as an added bonus you might even pick up some quick tips on laundering and caring for clothing.
“Clothing tells a story of who you are and should enhance how you feel.  We’ve all had those days where we feel bad for no reason, when that happens put on one of my pieces and know that you look good. When you look good, you feel good.”
Book your consultation today. Fill out the form below or book now online. Shop hours are typically Monday - Friday, 10am-4pm but Lennard is flexible to suit your needs because lets face it, you’re a VIP!
See you soon in store or Virtually.
*Virtual tours are done using any video live feed streams you prefer so you can interact and ask questions as if you were here in person.  You will be walked through the store and able to ask questions, ask for garments to be tried on either with a mannequin or a real person.  Once you’ve made your selections we will ship out to you to try on and return whatever isn’t up to snuff.  This is an excellent way for you to see the designers workspace/atelier without having to leave the comforts of your home.