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Morning Practice

Morning Practice

Once upon a time I was scared to share my spirituality with others.  I don't know what was holding me back but I am glad that I have moved passed it.  I am ready and open to share with you my journey over the past 14 years of practice.  My goal is to share and inspire you to overcome anything that blocks your path.  That is my value, my purpose in life, to make you smile and feel good.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out and told me how my early morning inspirations and meditations help them.  You are the ones who inspire me to continue sharing thoughts which will boost you up. Where do these come from you may ask?  Well its really quite simple, when I finish my morning practice I simply pick up a pen and paper or my phone and start writing.  As I mention in my book, "The Art of Living," the words come to me like a gust of wind, I feverishly write them down as fast as I can before they leave the way they came.  

What does a morning practice look like for me?  I typically get up around 5am and immediately put on my special outfit (more on that in a later post) and go upstairs to my yoga mat.  I light a beeswax candle and give thanks to the lighter which makes my life easier. (Being grateful for seemingly mundane objects brings me great joy.)  The mat is unrolled and I take two neatly folded sheets as a block to put under my tailbone.  Then I sit there cross legged for at least 27 minutes where I follow my breath and let go of anything that pops into my head.  Following my meditation, I do my little morning exercise to wake up the body and get the blood flowing, that usually takes me anywhere from 20 mins to 1 hour.  I typically like to give myself an hour so that I am fully functional and operating from a great place.  By the time my morning routine is done (and my post up) my dog Betty usually has to go out.  Once I've taken her out, I bring her back up to my wife who is usually just waking up and wanting her morning dog cuddle.  Anyone else's dog super cuddly in the morning?  It's almost like she's a different dog!

That my friends is my typical morning practice, it's where I charge myself for the day and it's where all those quotes come from.  Well, I best be off and i'll see you in another couple weeks.



ps.  Thank you to anyone on my mailing list for completing the survey you received, the responses were overwhelming and I am beyond excited to share with you the "spring box"

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