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We exist and create our future

We exist and create our future

Hellooooooo all you beautiful humans.


I hope you’ve had a great last couple weeks.  This week I wanted to talk a little bit about a passage I read that resonated with me.  Its from the book Existentialism is a humanism, “…Man first exists: he materializes in the world, encounters himself, and only afterward defines himself…  He will not be anything until later, and then he will be what he makes of himself…Man is not only that which he conceives himself to be, but that which he wills himself to be, and since he conceives of himself only after he exists, just as he wills himself to be after being thrown into existence, man is nothing other than what he makes of himself.” 


Firstly let me clarify it was said in a lecture in 1945 so it’s not as sensitive at it should be in regards to today’s writing but the overall thought of it struck a cord with me.  We are what we make of ourselves.  In my opinion he’s saying, we exist, we find who we are and then we make something of ourselves.   I find this very interesting because I feel we can do whatever we set out to do.  I enjoy speaking with people and sharing my thoughts that we can be whatever we want ourselves to be and this quote was kind of an affirmation to my thoughts. 

We are all capable of great things and we can accomplish anything we set our minds to if we but take a moment to focus our energies.   When we see ourselves clearly, when we see ourselves as we are in the moment then we can formulate an idea of where we would like to be. Once you have a clear vision of where you’d like to be you can make a road map by willing yourself to be that person too. 


Be clear about who you are now.

Be clear about where you would like to be.

Then trust that the universe will take care of the rest.


Exist in this moment, find out who you are now, plan who you want to be and then go forward and make it reality.  Sounds simple right?  Isn’t it funny how it’s so easy to write it out but much harder to achieve?  Writing is fascinating in the way that you can easily write your intentions out but then life takes you on a whole different path.  Have you ever had a “to do” list that you just can’t achieve?


I’ll leave you with this, I truly believe we are all capable of creating amazing life changing choices.  The hard part is acting upon the choices we wish to see happen.  Action is the difference between creating the life you want to live and living life as it happens to you. 


Make consistent action towards your goals and you will achieve them when it’s time to.


That’s all I have for now, would love to hear your thoughts and continue the conversation below in the comments section.




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