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Struggle through the hustle

Struggle through the hustle

My journey in the arts hasn't always been easy, in fact its never been easy.  For many years I struggled to do what I love.  I've been hit with so many roadblocks or hurdles I can't count them anymore and to be honest I don't see any of them going away anytime soon.  To do what you love is to struggle and persevere through the adversity that you find.

I've always had a clear vision that I want to make the world a better place with all that I do.  I want to make people smile and feel good using my art, words or clothing because when we smile, we feel good.  

The early days of learning to paint and sew were spent in a warehouse with no kitchen and no shower.  I lived below the poverty line where a cup of coffee with a friend was a real debate whether or not I could afford it.  Thankfully those days are behind me, but the debates haven't changed, can I afford this fabric? Can I afford this canvas?  Each day I am faced with any number of problems that I need to solve, whether it be a shirt that needs mending, an employee who needs work or an invoice that needs payment.  Each day I must struggle through the hustle and hope that I make it through the other side. Sometimes it seems like the more you do, the more things you will need to solve.  Nothing comes easy in this world but if you can persevere through the struggle then you will come out the other side stronger, faster and better.  Who doesn't like that?

There is hope in all that we do, there is a silver lining no matter what situation you find yourself in.  You always have a choice and your choices come in many different forms, its up to you to choose the right choice and act upon it.  YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TOO!!! YOU CAN!!!!  


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