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Feeling special


For those of you who don't know, I turned 33 on Tuesday and many of you celebrated it with me by taking advantage of the special promo code we sent out to our mailing list.  On top of that I received many kind words and messages saying happy birthday and explaining how my garments and paintings made them feel.  I was overwhelmed with all the compliments and encouragement.  Seriously I cried a few times!!!  So thank you for making a guy feel so special!

The icing on the cake for me was launching the new Heart Capsule series and receiving very positive feedback.  The Heart Capsule was born because I wanted to combat the destruction of the fashion industry.  I believe that you don't need a lot of cloths, just a few staple pieces to base a wardrobe around, heart capsule is your base, your heartbeat of a new wardrobe.  These three stapes, Brenda, Melva and Victoria can easily integrate with your existing wardrobe to create a modern uniform for good living.  If you want to learn more please click the link and visit Heart Capsule

The other reason this week felt special is because so many of you stopped by the shop for hugs and well wishes or with unexpected gifts such as cookies, cakes, beers, Prosecco and other gifts!  I truly feel my heart is fuller of love now then its ever been and it will propel me forward to continue making as many people smile and feel good as possible :)

So thank you to all of you, I hope that life continues to make you shine bright for you are perfect just the way you are!



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