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Hard days of Winter

Hello my cute and cuddly friends :)

I live in Winterpeg, Manisnowba and it's brutally cold outside as I sit in my breakfast nook.  How lovely it is to be able to sit inside with a warm cup of tea and stare out onto the frozen tundra I call home.  If I'm lucky my local bunny resident is still hopping around showing off his immense speed and his endless eating ability.  It always amazes me that the comforts of modern North American society allows me to live comfortably in such freezing temperatures.  Imagine 100 years ago life was much harder and you really had to struggle for simple pleasures like hot and cold water, heat and food.  Geez I feel lucky, don't you?

Today I wanted to talk about the hard days of winter, the days that no one else wants to really admit they have.  The hard days of winter are a real struggle for me, somedays I wake up and am on top of the world, other days I am a grumpy gus.  The hard part is when you're having one of those days is trying to switch your perspective and instead see something that makes you smile.  I had one of those days yesterday, I woke up and was just a little on edge right off the bat.  I went through my day of meetings with a roar in my voice and a bounce in my step that can only be described as my inner Tiger (born 1986) I need to ROAR out loud.  When the tiger had finished its roar my being went into the complete opposite; I was meek, sad and felt generally worthless.  I felt as though no one cared what I made or what I was trying to achieve.  I felt like I was the lowest sum of the earth and that what I created didn't really matter.  Have you ever had those kind of days?  It's like a switch goes out and all of a sudden your in the dark, alone, powerless.  I wonder what it all means?  

I attribute these bad blips in living as the dark days of winter because they usually come for me now, when its cold and miserable outside and I feel as though the sun will never warm my body again.  

How do I combat this you ask?

First I start by getting a big hug from my sweetheart Krystle, I'm super lucky to have her in my life cause she always picks me up when I feel down.  If you don't have a life partner then a best friend or family will definitely do the trick.  If need be I can always be available for a big hug :)

Next, do something great for yourself.  Something that makes you feel like your best self.  It could be cooking a great meal, going for a run or playing your favourite game or pastime.  Maybe reading is your jam with a hot cup of tea and a cozy blanket.  Whatever makes you feel good, do that even if its just for 15 mins.  Absorb the feeling you get from doing something you love.

Once you're feeling a little upgraded it's time for you to face whats making you feel this way.  It could be a meeting that went sour, a looming deadline or even something stupid like you let out a fart you at the wrong time and felt embarrassed.  We all do it lol.

Owning up and facing what's making you feel shitty is always the first step in making you feel better.  A lot of times you overthink things and let that crowd your judgment.  I find this to be my Achilles heel, I over think things and get all worried when a simple facing of facts or issues makes me feel better.  Own up to your shit and feel better, we only have one chance to live on this beautiful planet.  Spend it loving and enjoying the wonders of the world.  Even if it is just admiring the frost formations on your windows.

Until next time keep enjoying,



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