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Heart Capsule on The Go

Traveling should be easy and efficient. The Lennard Taylor Heart Capsule is your go to for those trips you need to pack light for. We’re talking those carry-on bags you are supposed to somehow fit everything in for multiple different occasions. Whether you are traveling for work or just for fun, we have got you sorted! All you need is the Heart Capsule and a few extra staple pieces. 

The Heart Capsule on the Go

Here’s Why:

The Heart Capsule is so versatile- you can wear all the pieces so many ways, no one will even notice you are wearing the same three pieces repeatedly. 

 What key essentials you’ll need:

All the essentials - Heart Capsule on the Go - Lennard Taylor

  • The Heart Capsule
      • Brenda swing shirt
      • Victoria pants
      • Melva vest
  • Solid t-shirt 
  • Black leggings 
  • Jeans 
  • Belt
  • Scarf
  • Sneakers or flats (for comfort) 
  • Statement heel (get noticed)
  • Boots (for kicking ass!)

How to Style:

Layering is a great way to change your look whether traveling for business, personal or a mix of both. Start with the Lennard Taylor staple; the Heart Capsule’s Brenda Swing Shirt and add simple pieces such as a scarf, belt or the Melva Vest. Brenda is the perfect staple for business or casual wear or for moving from daytime to evening. Here are some suggestions on how to pack minimally and look fabulous whether in the boardroom, sightseeing or an evening dinner. 

 Travel outfit itinerary:

Seven outfits for The Heart Capsule on the GoBoom, you’ve just created 7 days of outfits from a carry- on bag. Any of these outfits can be modified with accessories, choice of shoe or boot and statement jewelry! Shop the Heart Capsule now

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