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Art meets fashion.

Art meets fashion.

Looking back on the long road of my career I feel grateful for all the opportunities and things that happened to get me to this point.  Each part, good or bad was a learning opportunity, a chance to grow stronger with each step.  I think back to that fateful day when I asked my father to teach me to paint, he brought me to his studio said, "this is the paint, this is the stuff to thin it, this is the stuff to thicken it, these are the brushes and tools to apply the paint, this is the canvas.  Paint."  I replied, "aren't you going to teach me strokes or things to do?"  He replied, "painting comes from within, you pick a brush that speaks to you, then use it however it flows."  At the time I was frustrated that he wasn't going to show me, but now I know it was sage advise to allow my creativity to flow naturally.  

Painting has always been the beginning of everything I do, its the spark that ignites my flame and flare.  Its as though I must paint for if I don't, I get cranky and bent out of shape.  I guess thats why painting is such a huge part of what I do, what I'm "known" for.  I started painting 17 years ago at my dads office and there isn't a couple days that go by where I don't paint.  Looking down at my hands as I write this I see flecks of paint on my hands and it brings a smile to my face.  

Needless to say painting is what inspires my collections each season, if you look closely at the hand painted shirts I do, you will see future designs coming to life.  When I start painting I don't have plans of what I'm going to paint, I just pick up the brush and let flow naturally take me where it wants to.  

13 years ago I started making clothing because not everyone needs a nice painting, but everyone needs a nice shirt.  Making clothing to me is special because its a canvas that you get to wear, its what you live your life in, its how you say, "this is me" without actually speaking any words.  Clothing is your natural form of expression which is why I find it so critical that we speak with our clothing.  What we decide to put on can greatly affect how we feel, if you put on a fancy outfit, you feel fancy.  I often say to people that you can't be over dressed, if you're afraid to wear it thats on you.  No one really cares what you're wearing, clothing is meant for you and no one else.  If you allow others to make you feel self conscious about what you wear then you might as well stay home in a room by yourself.  Let your clothing be your confidence boaster, let it bring you up and make you feel like one million bucks because YOU'RE WORTH IT!

Recently I flew to Calgary to partake in the wonderful Parkshow fashion showcase.  I knew the Parkshow team was putting together a spectacular show so naturally I wanted to exhibit a collection that matched the caliber of Parkshow.  My goal was to step outside my comfort zone and push boundaries, I am proud to say I exceeded my goals.

I feel the collection showcased in Calgary was the best I've ever created and I am grateful to the Parkshow team for letting my creative vision blossom.  Not only did I design, make and execute a collection that surpassed my expectations.  I was able to spread my creative wings and soar to new heights by creating a coreography that matched the collection.  On top of that I was in the middle of the runway painting live on multiple models to give the viewers a truly magical experience.  Even as I was painting on the runway I could feel a flow of enthusiasm and I knew the Parkshow team and I had created something special.

After the show I was flooded by viewers gushing about what they had just witnessed, some of whom have seen my work before but felt that this showing topped anything they'd seen.  I even had a celebrity business investor raving about what he'd just witnessed saying, "That was captivating, inspiring and truly magnificent performance, I've seen a lot of businesses and creatives in my day and you blew me away so much that I had tears in my eyes.  You should be in NYC kid."

Naturally I was floored at the response which has sparked new creativity into my bones.  I feel stronger than I've ever felt before and its because of all you and the encouragement you give to me that I can continue to make others smile and feel good. 

Thank you all,


Thank you to photographer Chika in YYC for these images.  


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