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5 Essential Fall Pieces for 2020

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. Not only does it have the vivid colours of the changing leaves, but also its cool temperatures makes it perfect for the years best clothing. You don’t need a hundred garments in your closet to make a statement this season. All you need is a few pieces that you can mix and match with your existing wardrobe to maximize your fall style!

Wool Vest

Must Haves for Fall 2020 - Wool Vest
One of the best things about fall weather is that you get to layer up all your favourite clothes! Chunky sweaters, scarves and my favourite - vests! I like a nice dramatic long vest with large pockets that is cozy and functional. This Melva Vest we make is made of Canadian Wool and can be worn over anything or even replace a jacket in the fall!

Swing Blouse

Must Haves for Fall 2020 - Swing Blouse
Now that the summer dresses are hung up until next year, its time for something a little more practical for the autumn weather. That doesn’t mean it has to be boring! A swing shirt is classic, comfy and also makes you want to twirl. You can wear it out for groceries, at the office and more importantly -  around the house! With pockets in the side seams and an elegant silhouette; the Brenda Swing shirt will become your magic shirt. 

Coat with Dramatic Collar

Must Haves for Fall 2020 - Coat with Dramatic Collar
There is nothing like having a dramatic collar that you can flip up when its windy, when it gets chilly or when you just feel like taking on the world! Having a warm coat in the winter and fall is important; but with a coat like this can have warmth AND style. For those of you that have to survive the cold winters like I do, there is nothing warmer than the Jordan Coat that is made with luxurious Canadian Wool.

Sweater Dress

Must Haves for Fall 2020 - Sweater Dress
I don’t know about you, but when I look into my closet I struggle between choosing comfort and something dressy. If you can find a sweater dress that does both of those things, then you have conquered fall! The Betsi is made of bamboo fleece with large leather pockets and will have you never having to struggle in front of your closet again.

Palazzo Pant

Must Haves for Fall 2020 - Palazzo Pant
The best thing about a palazzo pant is that is flattering on almost every body type. My reason for picking these wide-legged wonders is that you can layer underneath if you need to. For those chilly nights (or even those cold offices), you can throw a pair of leggings underneath to stay warm! The Victoria pant is comfortable, elegant and comes in different weights and fabrics.
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