Original Artwork "Daily Life"

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Daily life took me over 10 years to create with each stroke being methodically placed.  It went with me on the road through all my tours, it's been used for countless creative endeavours and each stroke is part of my ethos of daily life.  If you want a window into my soul, this is the piece that will give you access do it.

This piece is extremely sentimental to me and I don't really want to sell it.  I will let you know that the proceeds from this piece will be used to set up a public healing centre that i've been developing with some healers and medicine men.

Acrylic on denim.
Size: 48" x 48"

Did you know?

When you are never going to wear your garment again (say it aint so!), we will take it back from you? It can either be Refreshed and re-sold or Lennard will create breathtaking art from it. That way it never goes into a landfill and has a whole new life to live!