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Water Regenerates Cherry Trees

Water Regenerates Cherry Trees

Water is life and we have been having a shortage of it here on the prairies, thankfully it rained recently but we need a few more down pours before it becomes more stable.

Water is something we all need, from the plants, to the animals to us.  We all need it to survive which is why it’s important for us to conserve as much as we can. 

I remember years ago visiting my father who lives in Melbourne, Australia.  They had been hit with multiple years of drought which brought about extreme water restrictions.  You weren’t allowed to use water for anything non essential and when showering you were asked to turn the water off while soaping.  A practice that I still like to do, if you haven’t tried it I highly recommend.  You can really lather the soap and get a good scrub with the water turned off.  It’s a little inconvenient to turn the water back on but honestly it’s the small things that make the difference.  Remember Al Gores, an inconvenient truth?!?  Such a  good film!

Being conscious of water usage will make a big difference worldwide if we all do our part.  Another way to be conscious of water is by gathering rain water and feeding it to the land in times of need.  I get such joy in gathering water in rain barrels for my wife and mother in law to distribute.

As some of you know, Krystle and I bought a house with her parents a few years back.   Phyllis and Krystle are keen green thumbs and we utilize as much rain water as possible.  Phyllis got me into hooking up their rain barrels and it’s become a little bit of an obsession to be honest.  It’s as though I am a little kid trying to figure out the best way of connecting the pieces and maximizing usage.  I am now thinking through the process of hooking up a hose to the overflow pipe of our barrels so that I can distribute the excess water over the gardens and our new cherry trees!

Speaking of cherry trees i am excited to announce our new regeneration program.  Giving back to the community and covering our footprint is something that is engrained in me which is why Lennard Taylor Design Studio bought new trees for our home as the beginning of our regeneration program.   As part of this new exciting program I would like to distribute more fruiting trees to all of you so if you’re keen for a fruit tree and have a piece of land please get in touch with me.  I would be honoured to explain what’s in this exciting new program.

I am very delighted with the two new Evans cherry trees and I am excited to have picked up two Crimson Passion cherry trees from Shelmerdine.  Best of all I look forward to making Amaretto Cherries, jams and more from their bounty which I can share with all of you!

I have to be honest I am missing all of you wonderful people.  Seeing your happy, smiling faces always brings joy to my life, I feel blessed to have so many clients, friends and acquaintances that lift me up on a daily basis.  Thank you for sharing and caring with me :)

Truly it’s an honour and I can’t wait till hugs are a thing again!

Well that’s enough of that for now or I’ll get all gushy.  I love you all, keep in touch, send photos or just say hi.

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