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Garden party anyone?

Garden party anyone?

I am often asked why I don’t put any labels on my bags; it’s not that I don't want the free advertising that comes with you walking around with a bag that has my name on it, but it comes down to the fact that I want you to reuse the packaging I gave to you.  A clean white bag can always be reused or re-gifted.  It can be spruced up with a dash of colour from a marker, paint or tissue paper.  

I know that all of you are creative individuals who can think of many ways to reuse a bag!

So I’ll continue on to something that brings me great joy:  Gardening.

When we bought our house with my in-laws I slowly got into gardening.  At first I was the heavy lifting guy for my wife and Phyllis, but it quickly grew on me so much that now I love all aspects of it.  One of my favourite things is nibbling on fresh haskaps, cherries, strawberries, peas etc. right after my morning routine.  There is something unexplainable about eating something that you’ve grown.  I know many of you have gardens so I would love to hear about your favourite things.  Whether it be your favourite flowers to smell or your favourite tomatoes to grow I’d love to hear about it (Krystle loves to talk about gardens too).

One of these days we’d love to host a garden party at our place, maybe Covid will soon go away so we can do that!  Would you come?

Alright back to the sewing machine, you all have a wonderful day!



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