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Parkshow and Storefront

Hello all you beautiful people :)  I hope you all are having a fantastic day where ever you might be :)

This past weekend I was blessed to have been invited to be part of a PARKSHOW in Calgary!  These talented and hard working team of Calgarians put together an amazing showcase at The Chinook Centre parkade.  The Parkshow team painstakingly transformed a basic underground parkade into a true spectacle/presentation.  Not only did they create a HUGE professional runway, they created a market, lounge, stores, bars, vehicle presentations, art installations and much more!  I heard guests raving about how beautiful the space looked!  When the team contacted me I was unsure of what to expect, now that i've gone once, I WILL FOR-SURE BE PARTICIPATING AGAIN!  (of course if they'll have me :)  

I drove to Calgary by myself, although long it was very nice to have time to simply sit and reflect on life.  Many individuals cringed when I told them I drove, most reactions were "yikes that's a long boring drive, nothing to see!"  I tried explaining to people that its all about your perspective but most thought I was nuts lol! It got me thinking that perhaps some people dont see the beauty in the small things.  Can you put your pre conceptions of things behind you and see something for what it truly is?  Can you look at things like your seeing them for the first time?  For example, do you see just a simple farmers field or do you see a vast open space filled with green lush crops set among-st a beautiful sunny sky with clouds slowly passing by?  Perhaps you notice the tree line that surrounds the property protecting the land from swirling winds, do you see the leaves of the trees dancing in the wind?  Do you see the pond where small birds nest and feed?  Do you see the gnarled old tree at the edge of the pond that has slowly changed colours?  Do you see the beauty and simplicity in all of these?  I hope you do :)  I have a little project for you, next time you're bored or disgusted with something, try and close your eyes and clear all previous judgments and look at the object again, can you find something beautiful in it?  I am SURE YOU CAN!  Try it and reach out to me with your findings :)

OK back to fashion, The Parkshow was brilliant and I cannot speak highly enough about all the hard work the girls put in!!!  I truly take my hat off to those wonderful ladies!  If you want to see what I showcased you're in luck, Paul Spenard of Eye Squared Photography took a video of Lennard Taylor set!!!  You can search on Youtube for more videos from the PARKSHOW 2015!  If you would like to see some great stills from the show please check out Zev Abosh's photos!  Again it was truly wonderful to be part of this showcase and I look forward to working with all of these people again :)

Now that I am back in Winnipeg I have my machines tuned up and running to make more garments for you!  The new shop/workshop is fantastic, it feels like home!  Located at 223 Mcdermot Avenue in the historic Exchange District in downtown Winnipeg this humble little store will be buzzing with the hum of my sewing machines.  Yes that's right I brought my sewing machines into the store so people could watch me sew away :)  I am also repairing peoples favorite jeans in the shop, you can bring in your ripped and torn jeans to have them mended or I can personalize them with one of my signature stitching.  Have a favorite pair of jeans that you want turned into joggers?  no problem, I can do it :)

Well I better get back to the sewing machine!  All the best friends

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  • Well written and inspiring piece, as I have family in Calgary I have made that same drive many times. No two trips are the same and I love the novelty of your perspective. Glad you enjoyed your drive and that your event went well. Best wishes moving forward, I intend on visiting and supporting your shop.


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