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  • White Brenda Swing Shirt - front view - Lennard Taylor
  • White Brenda Swing Shirt - side view - Lennard Taylor
  • BRENDA Swing Shirt - The Classics
  • Black Brenda Swing Shirt - front view - Lennard Taylor
  • Black Brenda Swing Shirt - side view - Lennard Taylor

BRENDA Swing Shirt - The Classics

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    Whether you’re thinking of Brenda for the office or for casual lunches, Brenda really does become your best friend, she becomes your throw on and go girl.  Brenda can pair easily with your jeans, tights, pencil skirts, trousers, palazzo pants, slacks, stovetop pants, etc she really goes with everything which is why she is sometimes described as the magic shirt by our clients. 

    One of my favourite ways to see women wearing Brenda is open-faced as a duster jacket, her classic high low shape makes sure to cover your bum while creating an eye-pleasing silhouette.  Brenda is that professional go-to girl that makes you feel all warm inside.  I designed this dress to be comfortable and sleek but if you want the Audrey Hepburn look then be sure to grab a belt and cinch her in.  Style tip, if you do belt make sure you remember to pull all the fabric to the back which will give you a flattering silhouette in the back.   As I said before there are many ways to wear Brenda which is why we created this link click here to explore more ways of styling her. 

    Because Brenda becomes your best friend we often get a lot of women coming back for a second or third which is why we have her available in a variety of textiles and prints. Find them all here


    We want you to wear Brenda for life, not a season so we start with the highest quality material we can find, for Brenda we’ve selected a beautiful hand of 97% cotton with a 3% spandex to give you a little stretch when you’re bending. We use cotton as it is a natural fiber that is biodegradable.

    Because you’re a practical woman we added pockets into your side seams which we’ve designed to sit further forward on the bodice so when you’re sitting it is still easy to access your pockets, there's nothing worse than a pocket that's too far back.  On top of all this, we’ve selected high-quality nickel snap buttons with a sexy black pearl cap to set this wonderful shirt above the rest of your closet.

    Furthermore to wearing clothing for life, we make all our clothing in-house in Winnipeg, Canada.  Our team has many years of experience in the garment trade which ensures that our quality standards remain at the peak of what's possible.   We also believe in paying our team generously because we feel that if someone who’s making your clothes is happy, their happiness will impact the quality that you receive.  As mentioned we start with the best cloth, from there our pattern team ensure that we are getting the most out of our yardage and figuring out ways to minimize waste by slotting in smaller pieces such as belts, pillows or scrunchies.  We then do a pre sewing check to ensure all pieces and trims meet our standards before it hits the sewing floor.  This is where the garments really come to life, our expert seamstresses really care about quality and ensure that standards are met.  If something comes up in the sewing process that the girls don't agree with we all figure out a way to solve the dilemma.  We like to think that there is no problem that we can’t solve!  The completed garment is then sent to our master pressers who take the extra time to press the garment fully because let's face it, a good pressing goes a long way to making you look fabulous!   After this stage, the garments have a few more quality checks while the finishing tags are added and BOOM she’s ready for you :)


    Brenda fits large because she’s meant to make you feel good in any situation.  As my wife likes to say, “it's rare when I find a shirt that makes me feel great even when I’m having one of those days.”  We suggest that you order a size down from your usual. For example, if you normally take a medium, in Brenda go for the small.  If you’re a Large, go for a Medium.  And of course like anything you find on this website if you have a question please don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call us, a lot can be done with a simple call and we like the human interaction.  Or if you're the more tech person please send us an email and we’d be happy to assist in any way we can :)


    Caring for your Brenda is easy, you can simply wash in cold water in your washing machine and hang to dry.

    Better yet, use Lennard's freezer trick. If she's not visibly dirty, use the freezer to remove any odour, leaving her fresh and ready to wear. Do please remember that if you ever rip or stain your Brenda all is not lost, simply send it into us and we can repair or Lennard can paint over top of the stain and make it look like its meant to be there. These tips help you be a more sustainable consumer! Clothing for life, not a season.

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