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Why Brenda is your Perfect Vacation Companion

If you don’t know Brenda, then let me introduce you to your new best friend. Here at Lennard Taylor, we like to call her ‘the magic shirt’. She is classic, elegant, playful and modern. When you snap up that last snap button, you may just feel like you can take on the world. With her flirty swing at the back and the hidden pockets in the side seam - she will become one of your go-to pieces.

I’ve been telling clients for years that she is my favourite travel companion (other than Lennard of course…) and I wanted to break down all the reasons why I never go on vacation without her!



I don’t know about you, but when I travel - I want to look like I always belong in first class, even when I’m stuffed in coach between my snoring husband and a crying child. The problem is - I also want to feel comfy and relaxed. Brenda will have you strutting through the concourse like you own it, while also staying breathable, loose and comfy. I get stopped almost every time I travel with my Brenda on - asking me where I got her!



Once you have arrived at your vacation destination - Brenda does not have to been banished to the back of your closet till you leave. Throw on Brenda over your swimsuit and head out for the day! She's airy, breathable and easy to wear - buttons undone or done up! The way that the breeze floats around Brenda will leave you feeling like you’ve always belonged on that beach.



Just when you thought Brenda couldn’t be anymore versatile, you throw on a belt around the waist and a chic necklace and you have the perfect dinner dress. If you think she's a little short in the front to be worn as a dress - your shorts, tights of capris will do just the trick! And the best part if your destination has any restaurants with dress code for dining - she will always pass the test.


Now you know why I absolutely won’t leave home without my Brenda Swing shirt and the many ways she can be your perfect garment for that deserved getaway.  We make every garment right in our store, so if you want anything customized - we can make it happen. So go ahead and make Brenda your forever shirt!

-XOXO Krystle

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