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Princess Bride and Silly Groom

Princess Bride and Silly Groom

It's not every day that a guy gets to marry a real live Disney princess. I'm that lucky guy.  My wife Krystle is one of the kindest, most sincere wonderful people on this earth. Her heart truly is made of gold. I am ecstatic to now call her my wife.    

Krystle makes me a better man; she’s the reason I am able to do what I do. Her love and support has been with me through thick and thin. I have found my soulmate.  

Our wedding day couldn’t have been any better. When we both woke the next morning and looked at each other and said that there was nothing that we would change. How lucky is that?!? The weather was perfect, the band (Brock St Bandits) were exceptional, our DJ nailed it, the catering was fabulous, everything went off without a hitch!  

Our ceremony wasn’t traditional by any means.  My groomsmen walked out to the Lord of the Rings theme song and my mother and father walked me down the aisle to the Robin Hood Prince of Thieves music score.  My wife’s bridal party came down the isle to the music score Gone with the Wind followed by my beautiful bride with her mother and farther at her side, to the Jurassic Park theme song.  

For those of you who knew me growing up I watched a lot of Jurassic Park, so it’s pretty fitting that my bride walked down the isle to that music!!!  I don’t think I’ll ever forget how excited I was to marry her. I heard her theme song come on and everyone stood up, but where I was standing I couldn’t see her for a little bit. The anticipation and excitement got to me and tears of joy started washing down my face.  Bouncing in place I waited to see my beautiful bride. What was probably only 15 seconds felt like an eternity. I felt like a little kid again waiting to open my first Christmas present.  Then I saw her, the beautiful flowing princess dress, her big blue eyes and her gorgeous smile, my heart rose out of my chest and my eyes gushed with happiness as if they were Niagara Falls. What a stunning woman!  Once she reached me, I hugged both her parents before taking her hand.  It took all my strength not to kiss her, she looked so beautiful.  

Going on our non-traditional wedding theme, we asked our good friend Michelle to be our wedding commissioner and she graciously accepted. We exchanged our vows. I bumbled through mine with the tears of joy still streaming down my face.  I am a cryer and proud of it, I wear my heart on my sleeve and truly don’t care who’s watching.  Life only happens once and I want to feel everything I can :). Once we were officially announced as husband and wife I finally got to kiss my beautiful bride!  Oh my goodness it felt soooo good!  I’ve kissed her a million times but anyone who's tied the knot will know how good it feels to kiss your other half on the day of your wedding!  What an experience!

Well I am sure you have to get back to whatever you were doing before you stumbled upon this page, but if you have time leave a little note of advice for newlyweds or leave your own personal moment that you cherish with your partner :)

All the best,


Lennard and Parents walking down the aisle

Krystle and Parents walking down the aisle

Lennard and Krystle Kissing after ceremony

Photo Credit: Vanessa Mayberry @vanessamayberry

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  • Wow. The first time I read this I laughed and then cried giant, gushing tears of happiness for you, your bride and your families. I’m a crier too. I’m back to read it again and to comment. Now, as I near the 40th anniversary of marrying MY soulmate, I can give you this advice: show your mate appreciation every single day. For who she is, for what she does, and for who you are when you’re with her. Enjoy the little things in life. Wishing you and Krystle the best, always. DW

    Dianna Wachtel
  • Congratulations to you and Krystle! Your wedding day sounds perfect.

    My husband and I were married almost 23 years ago in northern England and it feels like it was only 2 yrs ago. To this day, we both agree, there is not a single thing we would alter about our wedding day. Or the days since then.

    When we are out and about together, complete strangers will comment on our visible happiness. My marital advice to you is to laugh lots, together and everywhere. This is in addition to the advice, so well stated by Clara Enns.

    A truly fortunate bride,
    Tannis Charles

    Tannis Charles
  • Felicitations and congratulations on your most blessed day, Krystle and Lennard. With all my heart I wish you a lifetime of wedded bliss.
    Since you asked for input, I’d like to offer this bit;
    There’s really very little in life to fight about. Yes, we must stand up for what we believe, but not at the cost of love and respect for each other. I remember waking up each morning asking, “What can I do today to let my sweeeie know how much I love him?”
    Loving and accepting unconditionally, while some times challenging, must be at the forefront always! This way the magic is sure to continue. Sincerely, Clara M. Enns

    Clara Mitchell Enns

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