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Love is Collection

A few months ago a delightful woman named Amanda came in to our flagship store at 223 Mcdermot, she loved the artwork and naturally we got to talking.  I explained the meanings behind my work, that resonated with her and the foundation she works with.  Amanda, oddly enough, was looking for an artist she could partner with for the upcoming Inner City Youth Alive Gala, October 30th.  She came back with her boss Kent a few weeks later and we had a great conversation about the Gala and its direction, the theme "Love is" was pretty much tailor made for me to run with (see what I did there? lol)

With the theme set and my mind racing, I slowly pieced together my thoughts for how the collection would be made.  Creating a collection of paintings doesn't just happen, you slowly have to think of how it will look, whats the emotion, what direction is it taking, what is it saying, what colours will be used, etc. Then you have to physically build the frames and stretch the canvas on, hoping your fingers and arms are strong enough to do it!  I've done it alone before but thought it would be better (and more fun!) to get my friend Billy from Grindstone Renovations to help.  

Once the 14 canvases had been built and stretched we transported them to 223 Mcdermot ave so I could start the priming process.  The priming process of making artwork is one of my least favorite things to do, however by the end of it becomes one of the most significant stages because you really get to feel the canvas.  You get to see its shape and slowly envision the piece that will be on it, its almost like getting to know the painting before the painting exists.  

Next comes the fun part, seeing exactly how to take the blank white canvas and make it a one of kind piece of art.  This series is all about "Love is" which is a great concept to be working on.  My mind wondered from idea to idea and thought to thought.  I drifted back and forth before deciding on the names of the 14 pieces.  "Love is peaceful, love is connecting together as one, Love is enjoying the company of another, Love is holding hands, Love is trust, Love is Caring for others, Love is playful, Love is limitless, Love is boundless, Love is caring, Love is protection, Love is grouping together, Love is divided but never alone, most of all for me, Love is Shelter.  Shelter is the main theme I chose to work with.  Shelter is something that we all need, whether its from a storm or whether its being sheltered in the arms of another we all need shelter to feel Love.  When you think of Love Is, what comes to mind?  Post your response below to share with everyone :)

12" x 24" 

This collection will be on display for the sold out Inner City Youth "Calling to Connect" Gala.  When it's done the paintings will be coming to the boutique before being displayed in other areas in the city.  If you'd like to see them we will have them for viewing for the First Friday event on November 6th (we will also be having living mannequins and releasing the Hazard collection - Shotgun Edition shirts, can't wait to see you all there!).  If you don't know what First Fridays are in the exchange click this link here for a listing of events!  If you're planning on coming to the event please join Our Facebook event page and share it with your friends cause lets face it, fashion and art with friends is always better! Facebook event page is accessible from this link here.

I feel so blessed and honored to have been asked to work with the Inner City Youth Alive foundation, they truly make a difference in many kids lives by offering quality programs.  The Inner City Youth Alive engages local kids by offering quality programs through which relationships grow. These supportive relationships play a vital role in the lives of hundreds who are at risk, providing hope, inspiration, mentorship and a strong sense of the Heavenly Father’s desire to be in relationship with us. These essential programs empower children and youth to grow and develop into confident individuals who are better equipped to deal with the harsh realities that they face daily.  If you would like to know more about Inner City Youth Alive please click this link

Well thats all for now my friends, I hope you all have a lovely day!  

Ta ta for now, come visit me at the store 223 McDermot. I love seeing your happy, smiling faces!

All the best and Happy Halloween,


PS.  If you get the Winnipeg Free Press check out the article Connie Tamoto wrote about the boutique!

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