Original Artwork "In Any Storm You Can Prevail"

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In any storm you can prevail is about pushing through the hard times in life.  This painting is meant to be your driving force, your source of inspiration, your reminder that you can pull through in any situation life throws at you. You are strong and can prevail through any storm.

Acrylic and up-cycled textiles on canvas.
Size: 24" x 36"


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How It Was Made:
Ethically made in Winnipeg, Canada.
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We value clothing for life. All of our pieces are made zero-waste with hand selected fabric in house. To learn more about our sustainability see our values and our refresh program.

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All of our clothing is made in-house in Winnipeg, Canada — in an ethical and affirming work environment.

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When you are never going to wear your garment again (say it aint so!), we will take it back from you? It can either be Refreshed and re-sold or Lennard will create breathtaking art from it. That way it never goes into a landfill and has a whole new life to live!