Ukraine Hand Painted Brenda

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We Stand With Ukraine. 100% of proceeds from this exclusive Hand Painted Brenda Swing Shirt will be donated to supporting Ukraine during their on-going humanitarian crisis.

This Hand Painted Brenda Swing Shirt is truly One of a Kind. Hand painted with Ukrainian blue, the artwork surrounding the hemline represents standing together to fight for peace. If you take a closer look, you will find tiny yellow hearts that represent the importance of spreading love and hope to those around you.

All Ukrainian Hand Painted Brenda Swing Shirts are made to order, signed, and numbered by Lennard Taylor himself. Lennard and the team give our deepest empathy, concerns, and thoughts with all those impacted during this tragedy.



Please Note: Due to being made to order, our Ukraine Hand Painted Brenda's are made specifically for you, and can take up to a few weeks to ship. Thank you for your patience. 

Did you know?

When you are never going to wear your garment again (say it aint so!), we will take it back from you? It can either be Refreshed and re-sold or Lennard will create breathtaking art from it. That way it never goes into a landfill and has a whole new life to live!