Original Artwork "Climbing the Ladder of Gratitude"

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Your thoughts and dreams shape your life, your ideas go up into the universe like balloons floating in the wind.  Sometimes they pop, sometimes they soar.  It's up to us to be grateful for the ones that continue to rise but, also be grateful for the ones that fall.  When dreams burst, it's up to us to see them as chances to learn. Everything in life is an opportunity to grow.  In all that we do, we should be grateful to climb the ladder of life and push forward no matter the circumstance.

Size: 26" x 30.5"
Painted in 2021

Did you know?

When you are never going to wear your garment again (say it aint so!), we will take it back from you? It can either be Refreshed and re-sold or Lennard will create breathtaking art from it. That way it never goes into a landfill and has a whole new life to live!