LET'S SPREAD LVE TOGETHER-KRYSTLE PROMOWe at Lennard Taylor believe in the empowerment of women at all levels. Our goal is to make women smile and feel good in all aspects of life. Because of this, we have chosen to support our friends at Willow Place, where on a daily basis they support women and their families in times of need. Without this essential support many women would feel powerless in their circumstances and have to settle for whatever was in front of them.  Willow Place provides a safe place for these women to lay their head while offering support in many different forms. We believe in helping women feel powerful, strong and confident to make positive choices to improve their circumstances. From June 28th through July 15th we will donate 20% of all KRYSTLE dress proceeds to Willow Place. But that is not all, we are offering you, our fabulous clients a  20% discount off your KRYSTLE purchase as well.

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[About Willow Place]

Willow Place is a non-profit organization that was newly incorporated in April 2015 and is led by a volunteer Board of Directors. With a 38-person capacity, Willow Place is the largest shelter in Manitoba. Willow Place is committed to providing effectual services through both the Residential and Outreach programs that support the nurturing of healthy relationships. They serve a diverse population of women and children that are frequently high need and vulnerable families. They are a safe haven for women and children who have experienced domestic violence.

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