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    Inspired by Delorean Black.

    Our worlds are busy and bustling. We have a lot on our hands and a lot to carry. The Lennard Taylor Holster was designed to combat the storage issue of stuffing your pockets or purse, as well as make you look and feel like a badass.

    Our design of old world meets new age is a perfect balance—literally. Our holsters feature adjustable leather straps that allow for versatility in size as well as comfort. The straps allow the weight of what you carry in the holster to be easily and evenly distributed between both shoulders.

    Because holsters are associated with guns, they are instantly eye catching and thought evoking to passersby. They look at you and wonder, "is that woman/man carrying a gun?" The answer is clearly no, but they are still left wondering what you have. Once they see or are told that you’re just carrying your modern day weapons (like your cell phone and wallet), they are blown away at the idea.

    Note: Leather is a natural material that may feature slight differences in texture, pattern, or colour. Any variances you might notice from piece to piece are not considered defects—instead they add to the uniqueness of each holster.

    Adjustable—one size fits all.

    smaller pocket is 5" 1/4" by 3" 1/2". The bigger pocket is 6"1/4" by 4"1/2"

    100% Genuine Leather

    Unisex Holster

    Double snaps for added security

    Evenly distributes weight on shoulders

    Conceals under blazer or cardigan